​Threading Services

If eyebrow waxing or other hair removal services are too painful for you, try threading at Brows Threading and Waxing in Saratoga Springs, NY. This practice originated in India over six thousand years ago, and has recently become very popular in the Western World. In this procedure, a professional on our beauty salon staff uses a thin, doubled thread to expertly pluck the hair at the follicle for fast and beautiful eyebrow threading.

Eyebrow threading is the most popular area to get this service, but we also provide face threading for your lips and chin. You can pair your threading with another waxing service and make a day out of pampering yourself at Brows Threading and Waxing. We want you to leave looking and feeling your very best. We have many return customers, and we hope to make you one of them!

If you are in need of threading services, come to Brows Threading and Waxing in Saratoga Springs, NY.